MINE is an interdisciplinary project that combines dance, theatre, sound and clothing to explore consumerism, fast fashion, identity, body image and memory. The project was developed by Kelly McInnes in collaboration with dancers Sophia Wolfe, Rianne Svelnis, Jessica Wilkie, Kaitey Desante and musicians Lisa Simpson, Ben Brown and Roxanne Nesbitt in her early professional practice. In 2016, Rianne and Kelly developed the material into a workshop / creative process for youth. In this form, MINE has been performed at LINK, Ignite! Festival and Vines Art Festival. Rianne and Kelly were invited to facilitate the project as a week long workshop for students in Prince Rupert and Smithers, B.C in spring 2018.

Check out this performance footage from LINK 2018:

Check out this short SFU student Documentary about MINE:



Season 2018/2019

Starting in Fall 2018, Epoch Youth Project began research for a new piece. We started the season off by exploring our different relationships to garbage and how we could repurpose our waste into something more extraordinary. Our investigations led to exploring our collective use of technology and how we can utilize it to create different kinds of environments or use it as an extension of the body. Combine these explorations with the rich and sometimes surprising image worlds of our imaginations and dream memory is how VOICEMAIL was born. It feels like a sci-fi futuristic voyage mixed with a dose of humour and environmental consciousness. 

Check out this performance footage from LINK 2019:

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 10.43.46

The stars will guide us

Season 19/20

This season our plans for a group creation were challenged by Covid-19. This time invited us to get extra creative in how to continue creating and collaborating together. Participants were supported through online sessions to create their own films at home and then collectively string them together through shared writing, video shots and movement. The resulting film is an ode to their varied experiences in this unusual time.

Check out the film here: